I love my life the way it is

a project by Ali Alvarez

I got sent to the hospital six months ago today.

One from Nathan, two as a treat for myself.
And some from America.
A few from Spain.
NASCAR kinda luck.
Emerald doubles anyone?
The Olympics are coming!

The tickets I started with.

Some more from my collection.I know there's a bunch kicking around in a box somewhere, but can't remember where.
(Really hope people send some in...)

From Nicky who was on a holiday in France.

From Danielle in San Fran. Danielle

Had to, had to have the cash doubler... and.. the lucky charms...

Some from Miriam, in Z├╝rich.

Wow, these are from my friend Daniel who I haven't seen in about 10 years... wow.

Carrie's parents rock. Thanks Mike and Sue!

Mr. E Wood gets tickets every year for Christmas. This year he gave them to me.

From Vanessa while she was in Ireland.

look what I found! Tickets in a bottom drawer at work!

Cat came to London. Cat heard about the project. Cat went back to Australia. Cat sent tickets.

From my dad and Joan on their European world tour. Loving the Swiss one.

from Nicolas, with love from Australia.

These are from a recent trip to Lisbon, but the first two look like they should be from Mexico, no?

A few I found knocking about, and one for the new Indy movie.

from Nils-Petter, Stockholm style.

Thank you Nick and Saira, and their friend Cobs, who brought back these Italian gems.

Anna scratched this, not me! Anna won $20.

From Anne-lise in Oslo.

From Nicole in LA.